Born with sea water in our veins

Marz Seafood, established in 2003, is an Icelandic, family-owned seafood company with three generations of roots in the Icelandic fishing industry. Our head office is in Stykkishólmur, in Western Iceland’s Snæfellsnes Peninsula, and we also have an office in Aalborg, Denmark. We are women only, and we all share a connection to Nordic fishing culture and our home in the North Atlantic. Seafood from the waters in and around Iceland are the cornerstone of our international exporting business and, through our strong ownership ties, we are an integrated partner with both vessels and production plants, making us an excellent choice for a versatile seafood supplier. We work with the utmost respect for the sources and consumers of our products, and our ambition is to always stand out in this industry for our integrity, consistency and the quality of our services and our products.


Stykkishólmur is a fishing town of 1,100 people, tucked beneath the Western Fjords of Iceland. Fishing is the backbone of our community and how we in Stykkishólmur define ourselves. In this way, Marz is not simply a job we show up to, but an essential part of who each of us at this company is. Stykkishólmur is known for its rich cultural heritage, pristine coastal landscape, a collective, environmental consciousness and as the first town in Iceland to receive the prestigious Blue Flag eco-label for our harbour.

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